Monday, March 16, 2009

The Band

It's close, folks. Really close. So close that Cameron can almost taste the wedding tart, and I'm not sleeping very well. The main question that's keeping me up nights is this...
Are people picking their songs???

You see, Cameron and I love you all so much that we knew the only gift we could give you in return for coming to our wedding was The Greatest Gift of All: LIVE BAND KARAOKE.

For those of you that haven't yet hit The Band link over to the right, I invite you to head on over and check out Mr. Mister Miyagi's myspace page. They will play spot on 80s covers while you, dear friends, sing the pop of the Reagan era. If you'll be Adam, they'll be the Ants. If you'll be Siouxsie, they'll be your Banshees. And just for Papa Cunningham, they'll put on their very best E Street Band. I hope everyone comes ready to sing their hearts out!

Take a gander at the song list here, and don't be afraid to practice in the mirror before Saturday (and might I recommend using your thumb as a microphone--highly preferable to the overrated hairbrush).


Rachel said...

Here here to the thumb-mic! It is always with you and you always (God willing) have a spare.